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Herbal Tea Blends

Herbal Teas are not actually the tea plant Camellia Sinensis at all, but rather a blend of dried herbs, fruits and natural flavors which have a terrific taste and aroma; they are also known as Tisanes. All are delicious and beneficial served either hot or cold. Please steep/infuse your tisanes the same way you brew tea.

Hibiscus leaves and rosehips are used through out these herb and fruit blends, which give the added benefits of naturally occuring vitamin C.

All herbal tisanes/teas are in loose leaf form and caffeine free.

Free teaball infuser with your first tea order.


Althea's Angel Falls   Strawberry, lemon, rosehips and hibiscus leaves.   8 oz   $10.95


Anne Marie's Apricot Supreme    Peach, apricot, rosehips, hibiscus leaves, and marigold petals.    8 oz  $10.95


Stella's Bella Coola    Orange, pineapple, hibiscus leaves and rosehips.      8 oz  $10.95


Birdsong's Very Berry   Black & Red Currants, raisins, rose hips, hibiscus leaves.    8 oz  $10.95


Bertha's Blue Eyes   Orange, apple, rosehips, blue Malva blossoms, hibiscus leaves. 

8 oz$10.95


Cerise's Cranberry Apple   Cranberry, apple, rosehips and hibiscus leaves.      

8 oz $10.95


Lucy's Lemon Mango     Mango, lemon, apple, hibiscus leaves, rosehips       8 oz $10.95


Organic Mint Blend    
A blend of mints specifically from the Pacific Northwest gives this tea just the right harmony and soothes the tummy. Contains: organic Peppermint, organic Spearmint and organic Peppermint flavoring.            

4 oz  $6.45

8 oz    $10.95

Sunflower's Feel Better Tea   
Feel Better Tea is an herbal blend of chamomile, mint and echinacea that will make the cold season a bit more tolerable. If you are feeling a little tired, worn-down, feel a cold coming on, or just need a relaxing escape, try Sunflower's Feel Better Tea.    

4 oz  $5.45


8 oz  $9.45

Peace and Love Organic Herbal Blend
Imagine a peaceful world. Take the stress out of life for a while. A wonderful infusion drink for meditation and quiet moments.
Contains: Organic Chamomile flowers, organic Spearmint, organic Passionflower herb, organic Rose petals, organic Lavender flowers and organic Cinnamon bark.      

4 oz  $7.45 

8 oz  $12.45




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