Valentine's Day Shipping Deadline February 9, 2011

Mardi Gras Shipping Deadline March 3, 2011

Grateful Gifts

Valentine's Day Love & Java

Two Grateful Beans Coffees plus Jerry's Chocolate Cherries

Cupid's Arrow  12 oz ground

(flavored - dark chocolate and cherry - heavenly!)

American Beauty Blend  12 oz ground

Jerry's Cherries  10 oz

$23.95 plus shipping


Mardi Gras Tea Gift

Green Tea with Pomegranate 4 oz

Darjeeling 4 oz

French Fruit Blend Tisane 4 oz

Chocolate Blueberries 10 oz

One package Mini-minit tea filters or Stainless Steel teaball

all Teas are loose leaf.

$22.95 plus shipping



Custom gift baskets available for purchase via email:

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